Background Investigations
Skip Trace / Locate

Using sophisticated tools and resources, ROK Investigators can uncover a person's entire identity, location and construct a comprehensive background of the subject for their clients.

Having credible information on your opponent, the case, key witnesses, hostile experts, even your client, can make the toughest cases winnable.

Our trained team with an extensive background in International cases, can locate individuals in the United States as well as Internationally.


Criminal & Civil Investigations

We conduct and handle investigations for clients at every stage of Criminal and Civil proceedings from investigation through trial, to appellate and post-conviction phases.

ROK conducts Civil investigations which help uncover and assemble the essential evidence needed for a civil trial. Civil investigations include domestic, background, asset, and child custody. In addition, we provide litigation support for Criminal matters.  

The combination of our research services, interview / interrogation techniques and law enforcement experience allows us to obtain decisive and often vital results for both Criminal and Civil matters.


Personal / Corporate
Due Diligence Investigations

Our team of professionals investigate a variety of cases providing invaluable information for a case or claim if necessary in court.

Our team conducts interviews of witnesses, collects, preserves, evaluates financial records and delivers reports detailing their findings.

Rely on our team of experienced investigators discretion, and dependability when handling sensitive matters. We have built up a solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience.


Child Pornography
Child Exploitation Cases

We investigate Child Pornography/Child Exploitation cases. We investigate cases of sex abuse in schools, colleges and other organizations. ROK's Investigators are recognized as experts with over 10 years of experience in this area.  

Rosanna Licitra served as a Subject Matter Expert for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the area of Child Pornography and Child Exploitation and is certified in the Forensic Interviewing of Children

ROK conducts investigations on:

  • Online Sexual Exploitation
  • Child Pornography
  • Child Trafficking/ Victims of abuse

Family Law / Divorce
Child Custody Cases

We conduct Family law investigations, we specialize in matters concerning Divorce, Child custody/visitation, proving the parent to be unfit, or issues in Family court.

We can assist with locating hidden assets and will provide you with supporting data to assist in resolving your case.



There are many reasons why a client or organization might want surveillance investigation services.

Our team of Investigators have over 30 years of Federal law enforcement experience. ROK will professionally conduct a surveillance investigation and obtain the information that you are seeking.  


Litigation Support & Intelligence

ROK is comprised of a team of legal professionals that are competent, aggressive, and experienced in obtaining and putting forth the facts of your case.

ROK has proven success in winning cases with our litigation and legal support services.

Our team of Private Investigators comprises Attorney support services, trial preparation, locating / interviewing witnesses, judgment recovery and locating hidden Assets.


Undercover Investigations

At times in an Undercover investigation it is necessary to gather hard evidence to prove the existence of fraud, troublesome behavior or evidence of a crime without detection.

ROK has certified Undercover Investigators that have been specially trained to carry out discreet, confidential investigations.


Asset Searches
Financial Investigations

We utilize a variety of  sophisticated database systems and conduct financial investigations to identify and locate hidden assets.  

This information is useful in personal/corporate and judgment recovery cases.


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  • Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator
  • Certified Forensic Interview of Children
  • Nassau County Bar Association 18b Expert Panel
  • NYS Notary Public
  • Licensed to Carry a Firearm Active HR-218 (L.E.O.S.A.)
  • Criminal Investigator School
  • Computer Training Child Exploitation
  • Financial Investigations HIDTA
  • Undercover Certified
  • United States Customs Service, Special Act Award
  • Department of Homeland Security, Special Act Award
  • Louis Vuitton, outstanding contribution in the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
  • VF Corporation, The North Face, Recognition for demonstrating outstanding Commitment to protecting Intellectual Property Rights

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